As a growing company, we have the responsibility of conserving and protecting our environment. That means doing everything we can to incorporate green thinking in every move we make. We pride ourselves in the proactive measures we take to be socially responsible and an example for the industry. We currently generate 60% (1,660,260 kW-Hours) of the energy used in our plant which equals the energy consumption of 138 homes for a full year. Our water conservation systems allow us to save 1,850,240 Gallons of water which would meet the fresh water needs for a community of 98,679 people. Furthermore, we’ve achieved to save 26,696 Gallons of oil and 6,344 Gallons of gasoline on a yearly bases. These efforts equate to heating and cooling 132 homes for a full year and traveling 177,623 miles. Our paper recycling program has given us the chance to save 3,172 mature trees and enough paper to make 39,299,098 sheets of newspaper. Moreover, the our waste management protocol managed to save 1,173 cubic yards of landfill airspace which would be enough to meet the disposal needs of a community of 18,078 people.

• Supply Chain Management

The spice market is one of the most complex segments of the food business, with items being sourced from all corners of the globe. Unlike other major food items, the vast majority of spices and herbs are produced by millions of small farmers in some of the most underdeveloped countries. This presents a number of obstacles but also many opportunities as these locals take great pride in the items they produce. Today, Farm to Fork is a trendy concept, but at Kalustyan it has been part of our DNA for over 30 years. Our team has been and continues to be in the cultivation fields and wild collection areas around the world getting to know the local producers to assure our customers of products that meet their expectations. Our Supply Chain is built on Quality, Food Safety and Sustainability; these three pillars define everything we do. Our global network is unique in that we have worked to identify partners in key growing regions that share a common vision. This collaboration is critical because it is important to have “boots on the ground”.It is also vital to maintain local values and insight to create an inclusive supply base. Local knowledge and input is key to long-term relationships. We follow a defined game plan in these operations. First, we introduce and implement a Food Safety strategy, utilizing the GFSI process. Once that is established we move to implementing an organic production process. From that we move to more robust sustainability programs primarily,the Rainforest Alliance. Kalustyan’s Supply Chain is the foundation our company is built on, and it allows us to provide Clean, Safe, Pure spices that will protect your brand and reputation.


Kalustyan Corporation through our employees and supply chain service providers, (manufacturer/supplier/vendors) defined from point of origin have a role to ensure that cargo is not compromised prior to the point of reaching final destination. We are a proud volunteer validated Tier II member of US Customs and Border Protection, (CBP), Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, (CTPAT) program since 2009. As a CTPAT Partner we enjoy a variety of benefits, including taking an active role in working closer with the U.S. Government in its war against terrorism to protect the supply chain, identify security gaps, and implement specific security measures and best practices. In order to become a validate member, we address a broad range of security topics and present security profiles that list action plans to align security throughout the supply chain. By demonstrating our first partnership with CBPs commitment to CTPAT are proud to be a member of various other government partnership programs including Importer Self-Assessment, (ISA), Centers of Excellence and Expertise, (CEE) and being considered for other pilot programs with other government agencies.

Our Focus

Our focus is on insuring a totally pure, unadulterated and food safe product. Food Safety is our backbone. Our state of the art lab provides us with the practices and standards needed to serve our customers’ strict demands.

Responsible Products

When you buy a Kalustyan product, you aren’t being just an ingredient, you’re buying a story, a mindset, you’re buying an ethically and responsibly sourced ingredient and will not only better your life, but will support farmers at source.

Sustainability Story