Quality systems

Our Quality System is based on Global Food Safety Initiation and is the backbone of our organization. We have a systematic assessments of each step of our production process through our HACCP and a proactive and preventative control of all raw materials, processing activities and our processing environment. Implementation of and compliance with Kalustyan Corporation quality and food safety systems provide the assurance that every raw material used in a product meets stringent specifications, as well as the assurance that every product shipped to customers meets quality standards and product label claims. Food Safety personnel are involved throughout manufacturing to ensure that prescribed procedures are followed, thus producing products that meet prescribed specifications. Documentation and records are completed and reviewed prior to a product's release for shipment, then stored to preserve a history of every product manufactured.

Quality policy

Kalustyan Corporation believes that our success depends on the supply of safe quality products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Through the development and implementation of rigorous quality and food safety systems, standards and practices, we will enhance the reputation of our products and maintain customer confidence and satisfaction. Beyond meeting or exceeding all state and federal regulatory requirements, we are committed to continuous improvement in our state of art equipment, in education and training of our highly qualified and motivated team and compliance with global food safety initiations. This commitment to continuos improvements is quantified, and will be measured, evaluated and validated for effectiveness internally and externally.

Quality before arrival to Kalustyan

Our global Vendor Quality Management Program qualifies the right vendors though a number of processes including ongoing vendor audits, partnership agreements and performance monitoring. Each raw material must meet Kalustyan strict quality standards before it will be accepted. Products are sourced only from approved vendors.

Quality upon arrival to Kalustyan

Each and every delivery of raw materials to our warehouse undergoes a thorough inspection. All spices and herbs shipments must also meet rigorous standards before undergoing further processing. Kalustyan’s quality lab is equipped with modern equipment and staff trained to conduct the wide variety of tests necessary to ensure the quality of the raw materials to be used in our products.

Quality during processing at Kalustyan

We conduct inspections throughout processing, including checking for accurate weight, color, Particle size analysis, cleanliness and chemical composition. This includes specific targeting of equipment and plant sanitation, pest and allergen control, and formal employee training. Our finished product testing program requires each batch of our finished product to be sampled and tested to our quality standards before they can be released.

Quality upon departure from Kalustyan

Pride and accountability are built into everything that bears our name or your label. That’s why our trained Quality Assurance/Quality Control teams rigorously perform scheduled and spot testing throughout each phase of product manufacturing and maintain exhaustive records of product profiles and performance. For each finished product leaving Kalustyan, a fully traceable electronic record of each product and its components remains behind for recall purposes. Exceeding our customer’s expectation is our ultimate goal. With increasing food safety requirements, both FDA and USDA have increased scrutiny at the ports of entry. The FSMA is moving the country in the direction under which Kalustyan has already been operating. That is, a preventive approach, which is comprehensive from farm to fork and has oversight of importers to hold imports to the same standards as domestic products.