About our Company

From our humble beginnings in 1948 as one of New York's original imported gourmet food shops to today as a global importer, processor and purveyor of spices, capsicums, herbs and aromatics, Kalustyan Corporation's worldwide spice trading expertise has provided customers with the quality and value necessary to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

Through strong personal ties to major producers in the Far East and other areas, we have access to the world's most important spice growing regions. This extensive supply network enables us to provide
our customers (wholesale/industrial foodservice) with the most up-to-date information to help
them develop their purchasing strategies.

We are proud of our heritage and ever-expanding role in the U.S. market as a reliable supplier
of quality industrial spice products. We attribute a great deal of our success to superior
customer service and a courteous sales staff that is available to assist you with
questions and fill your sampling needs.